Center for Powder Metallurgy Technology

Center for Powder Metallurgy TechnologyTuesday Afternoon, June 19
2:15–3:00 p.m.

The Center for Powder Metallurgy Technology (CPMT) merges the academic and corporate PM worlds together with a joint goal to promote PM industry progress. Through collaboration, the transfer of knowledge and technological advancement is utilized to advance the growth of the PM industry.

This oral presentation only session will share recent R&D activities completed by CPMT. (No printed manuscript)

Session Chairman:
Arthur E. (Bud) Jones, CPMT President,
Symmco, Inc.

Powder Metallurgical Study: Single Tooth Bending Fatigue
John Engquist, FAPMI,
JENS Solutions, Inc., on behalf of CPMT

CPMT conducted a program to determine the single tooth bending fatigue (STBF) endurance limits and single cycle tooth overload limits for a wide variety of popular powder metal materials and processes. A wide variety of PM alloys and numerous PM processing techniques were investigated. Results show that PM materials and processes can favorably compare and exceed single cycle bending fatigue performance exhibited by heat treated wrought and cast iron gears.

Shot Peen for Improved Gear Performance
Chad Spore,
John Deere on behalf of CPMT

CPMT investigated the effects of shot peening (normal and micro peening) on the gear performance of a high density PM planetary gear used in a hand held power tool. The presentation will review the effects of shot peening on residual stress, microstructure, density, dimensions and surface finish, as well as gear test performance.

PM Technology Scan—2018

MPIF Member LogoTuesday Afternoon, June 19
3:30–4:00 p.m.

This presentation will focus upon recent technology developments, opportunities, perceived threats, challenges, and barriers to growth uncovered during the most recent Technology Assessment investigation performed by MPIF Technical Board members. (No printed manuscript)

The ability to control processes is directly related to monitoring the variables driving the process. In PM, temperature, velocity, flow, position, pressure, and force are all examples of data critical to the quality of product produced. Developments in sensors monitoring and controlling various processes in the PM industry are explored defining current state-of-the-art, emerging new technology, and the architecture used to deliver this data to enterprise wide information systems. Combining the data can enable real time decisions improving quality, efficiency, accuracy and delivery.

Thomas W. Pelletiers,
Kymera International

Blaine A. Stebick,
Phoenix Sintered Metals, LLC


William R. Gasbarre, FAPMI
Gasbarre Products Group

Thomas W. Pelletiers,
Kymera International

Daniel P. Reardon,
Abbott Furnace Company

Blaine A. Stebick,
Phoenix Sintered Metals, LLC

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