Poster Program

INTERNATIONAL POSTERS dealing with various aspects of PM and particulate materials technologies will be displayed daily starting on Monday morning. Authors will be available at their posters for discussion Monday (5:00–6:30 p.m.) during the PM Evening Alehouse. Manuscripts submitted from poster authors will be published in the conference proceedings.

"Outstanding Poster" and "Poster of Merit" awards will be given by the Poster Awards Committee for displays that best meet the established criteria. Award ribbons will be posted prior to the designated discussion period on Monday. Student Poster Sessions also have dedicated times throughout the conference. See the Daily Schedule for details.

Grant TNT—Talk 'N Technology

Grant recipients will provide 10-minute synopsis of their posters throughout the conference in the exhibit hall.

View the Talk 'N Technology schedule.

Poster Committee

Nicholas T. Mares, Chairman

John M. Blauser
ARC Metals Corp.

Jeffrey A. Danaher
Abbott Furnace Company

Cynthia Freeby
Ametek Specialty Metal Products

Don Hashiguchi
Materion Beryllium & Composites

Michael Hobbs
North American Höganäs, Inc.

Jessu Joys
United States Metal Powders, Inc.

Salvator Nigarura
Global Tungsten & Powders Corporation

Eric J. Reinert
Bronson & Bratton, Inc.

Blaine Stebick
Phoenix Sintered Metals, LLC

Dwight Webster
Advanced Metalworking Practices, LLC

Dustin Yetzer
Abbott Furnace Company

Poster A: Materials

020     Sweden
The Heterogenic Structure Formed During Electron Beam Melting of 316L Stainless Steel
Jon Olsen, Stockholm University

113     USA
Additive Manufacturing of Soft Magnetic Composites
Kyle J. Matthews, Drexel University

289     USA
Understanding the Competing Kinetics of Infiltration and Dissolution in 3D Printed Metal Matrix Composites
Joshua M. Arnold, University of Tennessee—KnoxvilleNSF Logo

290     USA
Introducing Materials Science and Engineering Through Analysis of Powder Processing
Bartlomiej K. Bancewicz, Lehigh UniversityNSF Logo

291     USA
Microstructure Characterization of Haynes-282 Alloy Fabricated Using Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process
Anagh T. Deshpande, University of LouisvilleNSF Logo

292     USA
Study on Microstructure, Hot Oxidation Resistance and Corrosion Performance of Composites Fabricated from Iron-Based Particles, being Encapsulated by Pamlico Inorganic Formulations
Kurt R. Diehl, The Pennsylvania State UniversityNSF Logo

293     USA
Effect of Hot Isostatic Pressing on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructures of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Fabricated Using Laser-Powder Bed Fusion
Harish Irrinki, University of LouisvilleNSF Logo

294     USA
Investigation of Carbon Nanotube Dispersions in Zirconium Oxide for Improvement of Mechanical Properties
Daniel O. Lewis, Texas A&M UniversityNSF Logo

295     USA
Thermal Stability of Laser Sintered Nanostructured Powder
Kendrick Mensink, University of California—RiversideNSF Logo

296     USA
Effect of Sintering Atmospheres on Vanadium Prealloyed Powder Metallurgy Steels
Madison J. Milligan, University of PittsburghNSF Logo

297     USA
Effects of Powder Characteristics on the Melt Pool Evolution of 420 Stainless Steel Fabricated by Laser-Powder Bed Fusion
Subrata D. Nath, University of LouisvilleNSF Logo

298     USA
Design and Testing of Tensile Specimens for SLM Process Optimization
Trevor W. Verdonik, Lehigh UniversityNSF Logo

330     USA
Tantalum Powder for 3D Printing Applications
Jim Maguire, Telex Metals

333     USA
Utilization of Master-Alloys to Increase the Mechanical Properties of Lean PM Steels
Justin Plante, Laval University

Poster B: Processing

196     USA
Tuning Sintered Density of Binder-Jet Components Independent of Sintering Shrinkage
Mohsen Ziaee, University of South Florida

299     USA
Effects of Sinter Brazing Filler Metal Composition
Kyle H. Bear, The Pennsylvania State UniversityNSF Logo

300     USA
Crack Initiation and Growth in Constrained Sintering
Reid Carazzone, Rice UniversityNSF Logo

301     USA
Low-Cost Spherical Ti Alloy Powder
Jarom Chamberlain, University of UtahNSF Logo

302     USA
Texturing of Additive Manufactured Surfaces for Bio-Inspired Control of Friction and Wear
Luisa DeLeon, Texas A&M UniversityNSF Logo

303     USA
Melt Pool Characterizations for Ti6Al4V in Electron Beam Melting Process
Hengfeng Gu, North Carolina State UniversityNSF Logo

304     USA
Ultrasonic Consolidation of Nanostructured Copper Powder
Christopher A. Hareland, Rice UniversityNSF Logo

305     USA
3D Printing of Sand Molds and Core for Sand Casting
Nishant Hemant Hawaldar, Indiana University—Purdue University IndianapolisNSF Logo

306     USA
Challenges of Multi-Material Processing in LENS Additive Manufacturing
Bryan Heer, Washington State UniversityNSF Logo

307     USA
Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Iron-Based Composite Material Reinforced with Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Particulates Fabricated by Powder Metallurgy
Babak Jahani, North Dakota State UniversityNSF Logo

308     USA
Advanced Solid-State Processing Techniques to Fabricate Anisotropic Alnico Permanent Magnets
Aaron G. Kassen, Iowa State UniversityNSF Logo

309     USA
Study on Optimal Powder Size Distribution for Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing
Don Kim, California Polytechnic State University, Pomona (Cal Poly-Pomona)NSF Logo

310     USA
Reducing Oxygen Content During the Manufacturing of OFE Copper Using Electron Beam Melting
Christopher Ledford, North Carolina State UniversityNSF Logo

311     USA
In-Situ Tomography Platform for Volumetric Tracking in Powder Bed Spreading for Additive Manufacturing
Justin Lee, Georgia Institute of TechnologyNSF Logo

312     USA
Sintering of Copper Nanoparticles for Printed Electronics Using Intense Pulsed Light
Lingbin Meng, Indiana University—Purdue University IndianapolisNSF Logo

313     USA
Binder Jet 3D Printing of Structural, Biocompatible and Functional Materials
Amir Mostafaei, University of PittsburghNSF Logo

314     USA
Additive Manufacturing of Bimetallic Structures Using Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS)
Bonny Onuike, Washington State UniversityNSF Logo

315     USA
Formulation of Metal Powder-Based Inks for Development of 3D Printed Composite MaterialsNSF Logo
Robert Cody Pack, University of Tennessee—Knoxville

317     USA
Predicting Extrusion 3D Printing Feed Rate Using Viscosity-Shear Rate Measurements for Ceramic Polymer Filled Feedstocks
Paramjot Singh, University of LouisvilleNSF Logo

318     USA
Laser Ultrasound for In-Situ Monitoring and NDE of Powder-Based Additive Manufacturing
Hossein Taheri, Iowa State UniversityNSF Logo

319     USA
Modeling Sintering Process of Stainless Steel Using Synchrotron Micro-CT Microstructures
Xuehui Yang, Indiana University—Purdue University IndianapolisNSF Logo

320     USA
Kinetic Study on Magnesiothermic Deoxygenation of Ti-6Al-4V Assisted by H2
Tuoyang Zhang, University of UtahNSF Logo

321     USA
Binder-Jet Printing of Pre-Processed of Fine Stainless Steel Powder to Tailor the Porosity Level
Mohsen Ziaee, University of South FloridaNSF Logo

331     USA
The Effect of Part Geometry on Ejection Stresses of Green Powder Metallurgy Components
Katrina Johnson, Drexel University

334     Canada
Friction Stir Processing of PM Aluminum Alloys
James Adye, Dalhousie University

Poster C: Properties

228     USA
Mechanical Analysis of Spherical Powder After Spreading via Micro-Scale Test Bed
Darryl J. Scott, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

274     USA
Characterization and Analysis of Functionally Graded Metallic Plates For Use In Personal Ballistic Protection
Samuel Garrison-Terry, California State University—Sacramento

322     USA
Investigation of Selective Laser Melted 4340 Steel Fabricated at High Laser Power
Maria Alejandra Castro, Lehigh UniversityNSF Logo

323     USA
High Resolution Multimodal Structural and Chemical Characterization of Magnetic Materials
Trevor Clark, University of California—RiversideNSF Logo

324     USA
How Chemistry Effects the Rheology of Powder Feedstock for Directed Energy Deposition
Cory D. Jamieson, The Pennsylvania State UniversityNSF Logo

325     USA
A Review of the Techniques for the Application of Filler Metal in the Sinter-Brazing Process
Matthew Lingle, The Pennsylvania State UniversityNSF Logo

326     USA
Fatigue Behavior of 3D Printed 15-5 Stainless Steel Under Different Print Directions
Anudeep Padmanabhan, Indiana University Purdue University IndianapolisNSF Logo

327     USA
Effect of Energy Density Parameters on Mechanical Property Gradients in Additive Manufacturing
Yash B. Parikh, Texas A&M UniversityNSF Logo

328     USA
Binder Jetting Additive Manufacturing for the Development of Novel Bioceramic Bone Implant Materials
Pahalawaththage Kanchana (Kay) V. Perera, Minnesota State UniversityNSF Logo

332     USA
Strength Optimization as a Function of Layer Orientation and Adhesive Saturation in Binder-Jetting
Adam D. Mihalko, Ganon University

335     USA
Effect of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Various PM Steels Post-Sintered by Hybrid Porosity Sealing Technique
Andrew Serafini, The Pennsylvania State University

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